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China's first vehicle transfer rack warehouse completed and delivered


It is also a special shelf project produced by a company in the non-shelf industry.

Cars can also be placed on top of each other like ordinary cargo. Recently, the Shanghai Port Waigaoqiao Phase 6 supporting fully automatic shelf-type commodity automobile transfer warehouse project, undertaken by China Communications Third Navigation Bureau Co., Ltd., successfully passed the delivery acceptance, laying the foundation for guiding the extension of Shanghai Port's automobile logistics chain.

As the country's first fully automatic rack-type commodity vehicle transfer warehouse, after the project is completed, there will be 6,160 new automated three-dimensional storage parking spaces. This will change the previous flat parking method on the ground and place commercial vehicles on top of each other like ordinary goods. On the large steel structure shelves, the floor space is reduced by 138,600 square meters, and the storage capacity can be increased by more than 10 times.

It is reported that the automated three-dimensional warehouse consists of a shelf area, a warehousing truck sorting area and ancillary equipment rooms. The steel structure is an integrated structural system of warehouse racks, including about 36,000 components. The main steel structure space is designed to be compact and stackable. The height and length of the forks of the machine are close to the steel structure, and the requirements for the verticality, elevation, and installation accuracy of the shelf corbels of the steel structure are very high. Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, the project construction team fully combined the characteristics of the project and gathered the advantages of China Communications Third Aviation Administration Co., Ltd. and Zhenhua Heavy Industry Consortium Company in their respective fields to form a systematic and professional construction team to complete the construction and installation tasks. The modular installation process is adopted to ensure the quality and progress of the project.

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