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Offshore Wind Power Projects


Booster station

In 2015 and from then on, Tank Steel Grating started to cooperate with over 20 projects on Chinese offshore booster stations. Our safety grating and anti-corrosion grating products are applied at the bottom of operational platform, outside of the sidewalks, over the transformer's oil pool and lightening protection device, etc. Tank Steel Grating reduces the effects on booster stations from huge waves caused by Typhoon, so that offshore platforms are stable on the sea.

Wind power single-pile platform

Since 2015, Tank Steel Grating has been a steel grating supplier of Chinese shoreline projects on Offshore Wind Power.On the basis of the special outline of single-pile platform, grating installation for this project is strictly carried out under requirements of Quality Management System.

In terms of malpractices (i.e., in traditional installations, the clips and fasteners can not successfully be secured on steel gratings, as the strong shoreline wind and wave often cause grating damages like gratings dropping into sea water, which is a great danger for maintenance personnel), Tank Steel Grating timely promotes the U-type fastener that secures gratings in various projects in accordance with Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

Jacket platform

In recent years, more and more projects on Offshore Wind Power are proceeded by Chinese enterprises and they start to apply Jacket platform in their projects. For more corrosive sea-water environment, Tank Steel Grating adopts the high-grade galvanized anti-corrosion grating at 150μm (average value) in replace of the galvanized anti-corrosion grating at 120μm (average value).

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