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How to Install Aluminum Grate


The installation process of aluminum grate generally includes the following steps:

1. Preliminary preparation: Gather all necessary installation accessories and tools, select and determine the specific installation location of the aluminum grate, especially when the installation area is large, it is recommended to draw a detailed installation layout or plan first.

2. Marking and positioning: Refer to the construction drawings and accurately mark the installation location of each line. Set and mark the location of the fixing points, ensuring that they are at least 50 cm from the ground and the spacing between the frames does not exceed 100 cm.

3. Keel installation: First install the support rods to ensure that they are stable and reliable, then install the frame part of the aluminum grate, rust-proof all metal parts exposed to the air, and punch holes where necessary. Pay attention to the distance between each section of the keel or frame during installation to ensure that the spacing does not exceed 30 mm.

4. Grate assembly: After the clips are fixed in place, start installing the aluminum grate plate. Reserve appropriate holes as needed for subsequent installation of pipes or other facilities.

5. Inspection and adjustment: After the installation is completed, the aluminum grate is fully inspected, including its horizontality and verticality. If necessary, make minor adjustments to ensure the aluminum grate has an even surface and is free of scratches, dents, or other damage.

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