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The largest breeding platform, Hengyi No.1, sets sail


On April 8th, with the assistance of patrol boats and tugboats from the Zhanjiang Maritime Department, Guangdong's largest aquaculture platform, Hengyi No.1, safely entered the port on barge Huangchuan 030 and arrived at the planned area of the modern marine ranch on the southwest side of Donghai Island for placement. With the launch of this platform, it will help promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, assist in the development of new marine productivity, and accelerate and increase efficiency in the construction of modern marine ranches in Guangdong.

It is reported that "Hengyi No.1" has a total length of 101 meters, a total width of 47.5 meters, a total height of 27.5 meters, and a total aquaculture water volume of 60000 cubic meters, which is twice the size of "Haiwei No.2". It is currently the largest and most intelligent deep-sea aquaculture platform in Guangdong Province.

Taizhou 4.0 Company provides fiberglass grating for the pedestrian walkway of this project, and provides steel grating with high anti-corrosion and high load-bearing performance in the operation area with load requirements.

4.0 (Taizhou) Steel Industry Co., Ltd.4.0 (Taizhou) Steel Industry Co., Ltd.4.0 (Taizhou) Steel Industry Co., Ltd.4.0 (Taizhou) Steel Industry Co., Ltd.

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